Thank you for being here! If you landed on this page – it is likely that a student of S.Thomas’ Preparatory School, Kollupitiya requested you to join their Brick by Brick journey.


In 25 years Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka has supported more than 26,600 families across Sri Lanka build a safe place to call their home. Habitat for Humanity is a US. based International nonprofit housing organization currently working in over 70 countries around the world. Founded on the conviction that every man, every woman and child should have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety, Habitat Sri Lanka works tirelessly to  realize its vision of providing every family in Sri Lanka a decent place to live.


The Brick by Brick Project is a Campaign led by Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka which seeks to match changemakers (interested donors) with families in urgent need of a safe place to call home. Through the unique model of the Brick by Brick project Habitat Sri Lanka is able to support vulnerable and marginalized families by matching them with donors who would be willing to sponsor their home. Each eligible family is partnered with a donor/network of donors who would like to come forward and sponsor that family’s home. The fundraiser drives the journey of fundraising for that particular family – by raising donations among family and friends, one brick at a time.

The students of STPS have selected the BBB Campaign as their Community Development Project for 2020. Through this project the Choir of S.Thomas’ Preparatory School has committed to raise funds to construct a home for a family in desperate need of support.


Ruwan lives in Katana, with his wife and three sons. He also supports his elderly mother. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, Ruwan works hard as a manual boiler operator at a reputed hotel in the tourist hub of Negombo. However, all his efforts earn him a monthly salary of only LKR 24, 000, which is hardly sufficient to cover the expenses of his family. His wife Priyadarshani, is unable to be employed as she is the primary caregiver for their son Sithum (17 yrs) who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Having being born with congenital brain defects has left Sithum dependent all his life. Despite being constantly uneasy and aggressive due to his special needs, Ruwan mentions how Sithum often smiles and laughs with his family members.

Tharusha who is 13 years old, is a diligent student, who is creative and recently built a float all by himself to be donated to the local village Perahera. Ruwan notes how Tharusha has managed to hone his talent for art and creativity even with extremely limited resources. Simith the youngest of the boys, who is 7 years old, is a curious and spirited young boy who loves attending school.
Even though Ruwan and Priyadarshani have not been able to provide much for the boys, they are proud of how the boys continue to show a keen interest in their studies and extra-curricular activities. 

The family currently lives in Ruwan’s mother’s home, as they do not have the financial strength to build a house of their own. Priyadarshani and Ruwan had started their life dreaming of one day building a home of their own, for their little family.Unfortunately, this dream was never realized due to Sithum’s medical expenses, and the numerous other expenses, which need to be managed entirely by Ruwan’s meager salary.  

Priyadarshani dreams of a home of their own, which would mean an elevated life for each family member, but especially for Sithum, whose special needs require a more spacious environment. Surroundings play a significant role in how children with special needs, like Sithum are able to function. Priyadarshani spends most of her time with him throughout the day and does everything within her capacity to keep him calm and comfortable. His condition has stopped him from building a life for himself; and as a mother Priyadarshani’s only wish is to provide her son a comfortable environment in which he can live out the rest of his life safe from any harm and keeping his anxiety at bay.

Every donation makes a difference.

STPS together with Habitat Sri Lanka are now on a journey to raise funds to support Ruwan and his family by meeting a Fundraising Goal of LKR 1,300,000.00

    • USD 1 (LKR 180) = 1 Brick
    • USD 10 (LKR 1,800) = 10 Bricks
    • USD 100 (LKR 18,000) = 100 Bricks
    • USD 1,000 (LKR 180,000) = 1,000 Bricks

How can YOU help?

  1. Donate: Each donation brings STPS and Habitat Sri Lanka closer to being able to support Ruwan and his family with a safe, decent and affordable home. Make your valuable contribution by clicking on the donate button below.
  2. Make some noise: Share this link with your family, friends, colleagues, peers and urge them to join in this powerful movement of giving back, via email and your social media pages (don’t forget to tag us online!).
  3. Spread the word: Talk about this project! (at school, at meetings, at Church, at family gatherings – anywhere!) Tell anyone and everyone about the Brick by Brick Project and its partnership with the students of STPS.

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to support STPS and Habitat Sri Lanka to build Sithum’s family a safe place to call home.

To learn more about the families Habitat Sri Lanka has supported through housing, please click here