every family deserves to live in stability

Out of the 6 million families living in Sri Lanka only 5.2 families have some form of housing. This highlights the fact that nearly 800,000 families live in extreme poverty in Sri Lanka and do not have a safe place to call home. This is the need Habitat for Humanity tries to address.

The Brick by Brick Campaign is a fundraising campaign launched by Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka which seeks to match donors with families in urgent need of a safe place to call home. This unique funding model enables Habitat Sri Lanka to support vulnerable and marginalized families by matching them with donors who are interested in sponsoring a home for a family in need. A donation of LKR 350,000 will enable Habitat Sri Lanka to provide these families with incremental home.

Help us provide these families with a hand-up in life. We believe that HOME is the key to better health, education, sanitation, empowerment, stability, self-reliance and safety for the girl child. To these vulnerable families living in poverty housing, your support means a chance at a better life.

Sponsor a family in need of a safe place to call home.

Meet the families in urgent need of support. Read their stories below…..

Breaking Barriers

Meghamala (47) is a single mother living in Katana, caring for both her aged mother Agnes (82) and her granddaughter Oshadi (7). While she has two sons, her eldest son (Oshadi's father) works as a daily-wage labourer and contributes little towards Oshadi's well-being...

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Hoping for a Safe Haven

Irangani (42) and her family of five, live in a small tin hut which only has space to accommodate five plastic chairs and a small wooden stove. Irangani and her family spend the day in the hut and go to her mother's house many meters away, just to sleep at night. The...

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In Search of Permanence

Rohan was a happy-go-lucky young boy who dreamed of a future in the big city one day. Tragically, he met with a life-altering accident when he was a teenager and lost his right foot as a result. RohanApart from having to adjust to a future with a life-long impairment,...

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A Ladder to a Better Future

Dinithi (29) and Dushantha (35), the young parents of Oshani (8) and Oveesha (4 months) greet us on the porch of their rented, partially constructed one-room they call home. Dinithi tells us that many years ago, Dushantha purchased a small plot of land in the nearby...

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Fighting to Survive

Shantha (42) and Niluka (35), were high school sweethearts, who have now been married for 18 years. As youth they dreamed of beginning a happy life together and starting a family of their own, in a home of their own. They never imagined that life would take them along...

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Searching for a New Chapter

Kishan (33), is the first born of Christopher and Padmawathi (60) living in Kadirana, Katana. Kishan started showing signs of weakening mental stability and cognitive development when he was just 07 years old. His family believes that he lost his ability to speak...

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Praying for a Miracle

Ruwan and Priyadarshani live in Katana with their three sons. They also support Ruwan’s elderly mother. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, Ruwan works hard as a manual boiler operator at a reputed hotel in the tourist hub of Negombo. However, all his efforts...

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Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with families and communities, to eliminate sub-standard housing.