Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis in 70 years, grappling with a lack of foreign exchange reserves and acute shortages of basic necessities, affecting its 22 million people.

Inflation has increased the cost of basic goods such as rice, milk, and wheat, at an all-time high rate of 30.2%*, forcing many to cut back, not only on what they buy, but also on their number of meals.

Suitable shelter has turned into a problem due to the scarcity and increase of construction material costs.  Many also lose the ability to pay their monthly rent due to inflation or loss of income.

For Sri Lankans, the crisis has turned their daily lives into an endless cycle of waiting in lines for basic goods, many of which are being rationed.


Having gone through many hardships, with her family members ailed with challenging medical conditions, Ranjani is struggling to manage their everyday needs by herself, amidst this economic crisis.

How she aims to secure a daily income, is by selling carpets. Her efforts in making and selling these carpets do not yield her a large income, with an approximate daily income of Rs. 1000, by selling five (05) carpets a day, for Rs. 200 each.

Being a 13-member family, she’s had to cut down their food consumption as well, by cooking only 3kg of rice in total, for two meals each day, accompanied with one curry at most.

Support in this time of extreme crisis would mean the world to Ranjani, and many other families like hers!


For four months, the “ Standing Together “strives to provide an unconditional cash transfer for partner families in communities we work in, and masons, carpenters, construction and block labourers, who are without essential household resources or guaranteed income during this critical economic crisis, with LKR 12,000 (US $ 35) per month.


Your donation to the  “Standing Together “ will provide a Sri Lankan family with the means to:

  • Procure basic necessities such as food, water, gas, fuel etc.
  • Purchases medicines and other any dietary/nutritional requirements.
  • Maintain mandatory commitments such as rent.
  • Expend towards other needs such as house repairs, education etc.

Donation options


LKR 48,000 (US $ 160) for 4 months towards the Humanitarian Cash


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LKR 12,000 (US $ 40) per month towards the Humanitarian Cash Assistance Program (HCAP) 


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Thank you for supporting families in immediate need.

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About Habitat Sri Lanka’s Relief Efforts 

Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka has experience in supporting communities following disasters, spanning over 15 years. HFHSL played a pivotal role in disaster response efforts in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, providing new homes to more than 5,000 families in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.  


Since then, HFHSL has responded to numerous natural and emergency disasters by supporting more than 8,600 families to build disaster resilient homes. Since 2009, following the end of the 30-year civil-war, HFHSL has supported the resettlement process of internally displaced families through mega-scale housing projects sponsored by the Indian Government and the European Union.  


In 2011 and 2016, HFHSL responded to major Cyclones that resulted in landslides and floods, by distributing Emergency Shelter Kits, Hygiene Kits, well cleaning and constructing new disaster resilient homes for over 8,600 families in need. 


HFHSL’s experience through its EU emergency cash transfer project has shown positive results in terms of health and food access. Furthermore, it demonstrated that the transfer provided some housing emergency assistance, while also promoting social or community collaboration.  


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Account No: 8580027315
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Branch: Dehiwala
Please make sure to email thivanka@habitatsrilanka.org and let us know that you have made a donation via direct debit, so that we can acknowledge receipt of your donation.


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Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with families and communities, to eliminate sub-standard housing.


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