Global Village Volunteer Builds

Travel to Sri Lanka to help build a home for a family in need with your own hands through Habitat’s Global Village Build Program.
It will change your life!

Every Volunteer makes a Difference.

More than 800,000 families in Sri Lanka have no place to call home.

You can help us change that!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Habitat for Humanity. Thousands of volunteers around the world join hands with Habitat for Humanity each year, working towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live

Global Village is Habitat for Humanity’s international volunteer program which brings together people from all walks of life to build and improve homes, and to contribute to the health and well-being of communities in need across the world.

Volunteers build alongside community members and families, offering a hand up out of poverty. Through the experience, volunteers deepen their own understanding of housing and poverty issues and of other cultures, while making a lasting impact through their financial, emotional and physical contribution that continues long after the team returns home.

Global Village in Sri Lanka

Global Village Volunteers are given the opportunity to get hands-on experience of uplifting lives while assisting low-income families to build their homes by providing volunteer labour. GV teams join Habitat Sri Lanka’s ongoing homebuilding projects around the country and add quality to the homeowners experience as well as their own. The participation of volunteers fosters a sense of community, encouraging more people to participate in builds as volunteers.

Not only do volunteers assist in building safe, decent homes for families but their fundraising efforts and donations help ensure more families can have a brighter future. Volunteers’ program donations enable Habitat to build community impact—one of our strategic plan goals—by serving more families and transforming communities. Habitat homeowners and their family members who work on their own homes are, in turn, inspired to help others. This promotes mutual respect, improves community cohesion and strengthens the fabric of society. Thanks to our dedicated Global Village volunteers we have been able to change the lives of so many families across Sri Lanka this year. Global Village teams bring invaluable support to the communities they visit, and as a result for their generosity with time and donations; more homes are able to be built each year.

In 2018 volunteers from 08 countries traveled to Sri Lanka through Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program to support the vision and mission of Habitat Sri Lanka. Thank you to each volunteer for their generosity, commitment, hard work and time spent supporting the vision and mission of Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka. Your support is life changing.

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Global Village Volunteer Handbook

Everything you need to know about volunteering your time with Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka can be found in our Volunteer Handbook. 

How you make a difference

  • A 12-member team working 32 hours a week can provide all the unskilled labour to complete an entire house.
  • Short-term volunteers who haul water and mix cement decrease fatigue on paid skilled labour allowing for a more efficient build.
  • The participation of volunteers fosters a sense of community, encouraging more people to participate in builds as volunteers.
  • The knowledge that people care and are willing to give their time to help, adds to the motivation of these communities.


More than 800,000 families in Sri Lanka do not have a safe place to call home. You can help us change that!


You will learn about poverty housing, development challenges, and Habitat Sri Lanka’s mission to eradicate them.


Take part in a transformative, lifelong journey that may ignite your passion for making this world a better place.


Immerse yourself in a new culture, by learning new languages and and social practices of Sri Lankans.

Volunteer Testimonials

Read the stories shared by our Global Village Volunteers on their volunteer experience constructing homes for families in need across Sri Lanka.

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Due to the prevailing Global Pandemic, Habitat for Humanity International has suspended all volunteer builds untill the end of 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We look forward to recommencing our volunteer program in 2021, please check back periodically for updates on upcoming Volunteer Build events.

Upcoming Build Opportunities

Youth Rebuild

February – March 2021

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Power Women Build

March – April 2021

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Heritage Build

July – August 2021

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Every hand makes a difference

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