#HabitatPowerWomen is a part of the Build Her Up Project by Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka.

This campaign aims to engage the community and potential volunteers and partners to address the housing challenges faced by women across Sri Lanka, by bringing together women from all walks of life to advocate for safe, secure and affordable housing. This campaign encourages females from all walks of life to tell the world what having a safe and decent home means to them, and to encourage that conversation to keep growing among their communities. This campaign also reaches towards telling the inspiring stories of the females supported by Habitat Sri Lanka, who we refer to as our Habitat Power Women. Funds raised through #HabitatPowerWomen will be utilized to provide homes for female headed households and thus ensuring that they have decent, safe places to live.

Chandani from Yatiyanthota

Chandani is a true Habitat Power Woman, who not only takes care of her daughter and mother while her husband and son are away from their village for work, but is also hopeful for the future even though her family suffered the impact of the disaster that stuck in May of 2016. Her family lost their home to the devastating landslides and were forced to begin their life all over again. It was her perseverance as a wife and mother that became the foundation to their new life. Chandani commented on how their Habitat home is a blessing; because rain or shine, they have no fear of losing their home ever again. “We are so grateful to Habitat for Humanity for their support and feel so blessed that my family finally has a safe and permanent place to call home”.

Yohanmalar from Batticaloa

Like most families during the war, Yohanmalar and her family were compelled to seek shelter in IDP camps. After the war ended in 2009 her family built a temporary shelter for themselves, but it lacked security and it is a constricted space. The 50 year old mother explains how proud she is of her elder daughter who is currently doing a course on Nursing, and will be the first female in her whole family to start earning her own income. Yohanmala is the epitome of a Habitat Power Woman, and this is evident in how she is raising her daughter to be an independent and strong young woman who is already creating a shift in their family by being encouraged to get a job. Yohanmalar told us that her joy comes from a place that truly believes this new home will be a driving force in their life as a family, and will “improve the quality of life” for her children and “help them study better and have a better chance and creating a good life for themselves.”