Local Volunteer Opportunities – Something for everyone……..

Individuals: We are not worried how much time you can spend with us. It is far more important for all involved that the time spent is spent well. Local Volunteers can help us fundraise to build homes for families in need through social media and joining our fundraising campaigns; you can also apply for internships with our National Office Resource Development Team.  Your work with us whether it is at the National Office assisting us with communications and fundraising will certainly contribute towards changing lives, inspire, and create light where before there was only darkness. You will be making a positive contribution to the world.

Groups of Friends and Family: Achieving life changing and confirming goals can only be more rewarding when doing it with your friends, class mates or members of your community. By bringing a sense of community and fellowship to the project you are working on, others will feed of this, enhancing the whole experience for all involved. A lifetime of memories to be shared.

Corporates, Local Businesses and Organizations: Nothing builds a sense of purpose and togetherness in the work place as doing something as a team, especially when it has nothing to do with the job directly, but relates to it much indirectly! Motivation, teamwork, quick wit, laughter and tears, ever changing scenarios and situations, and basically getting stuck into doing hard work that has immensely good repercussions for the recipients. At Habitat local and international businesses have embraced the opportunity to partner with us and leave staff and management feeling rejuvenated and inspired for when they return back to their daily duties. Our Corporate Team Builds are customized for each team. Interested Corporates can also partner with Habitat by volunteering to raise funds through various ‘Employee giving programs’ and ‘Cause Marketing Partnerships’.

Student Teams and Campus Chapters: As the world continues to open it’s eyes to problems far away from their doorsteps, we have created a program that allows students to fully participate with us, without encroaching upon their studies. You will have the chance to learn leadership and project management skills, interact with new societies and learn new customs, make friends for life and enjoy the wondrous experience that is living in Sri Lanka. Students can also volunteer with Habitat from beyond the construction site by way of fundraising for Habitat through bake sales, benefit concerts etc.

Churches and Faith-based Organizations: Help spread the news about Habitat for Humanity’s work among your congregations and join us to build more safe homes for families in need across Sri Lanka.

Volunteers who join the work of Habitat for Humanity globally, all contribute towards building a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Every Volunteer makes a Difference.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact Melissa Jayasuriya (Senior Manager, Corporate Relations and Resource Development) at melissa@habitatsrilanka.org