Hope of the Next Generation

Upon being displaced in Batticaloa after the civil war for eight months, 52 year old Kumaraguru explains how extremely “happy and hopeful for this new chapter in life” he is. Kumaraguru lost his boutique shop; Hope of the Next Generationhis only source of income during the war due to a bombing that took place in his village and he unfortunately hasn’t been able to financially recover ever since. Kumaraguru and his family had to give up their house as dowry when his elder daughter got married, this compelled Kumaraguru along with his wife, son and two daughters to move into a temporary shelter adjoining their main house.

Despite all the obstacles Kumaraguru has faced in life he says “things are improving gradually” -from his daughters receiving sound education, to his son taking pride in helping construct their new home; Kumaraguru has restored a lot of hope for the future of his children. As a father, Kumaraguru expressed his role in making sure to provide his kids with the element of safety with the new house. Kumaraguru says he’s “happy to be part of Indian Housing Project”.

Kumaraguru’s daughters, Sudharshi (28) and Sinthuja(23), are both graduates and ambitious girls. They are excited for their new home and what their future beholds.

Sudharshi and Sinthuja; daughters of Kumaraguru – both empowered and educated sisters; collectively believe that their new home will be the foundation for their future.