How to Get Involved

In order for Habitat for Humanity to continue performing its services in uplifting communities there is a great need for funding. Both individuals and groups or corporates can contribute in order to fulfill Habitat’s vision for safe and decent housing.

1. Corporate

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka, corporates can contribute to the betterment of living standards across the country. By contributing either financially or in other forms, corporates can provide resources in many ways to help continue the work of Habitat for Humanity. Corporate can also participate in group volunteer programs which provides an invaluable opportunity for staff training and team building in a truly unique way.

How to get involved
Donors and Corporate Partners

Donors & Corporate Partners
Coperate Partners

2. Individual Giving

As an individual there are many ways you can contribute to the progression of the work of Habitat for Humanity. Both through donations in financial and other forms, and also through volunteer work, every individual can make a significant contribution to helping the cause of shelter for the underprivileged. Each and every contribution helps make a difference, no matter how big or small and we encourage all individuals to contribute in any way possible.