Kegalle Housing Project
Rebuilding the lives of families affected by landslides

Alwaleed LogoHabitat for Humanity Sri Lanka partnered with Alwaleed Philanthropies in an initiative to rebuild the lives of families affected by landslides caused by Cyclone Roanu, in May 2016. Together with the Government of Sri Lanka, District Secretariat of Kegalle and Divisional Secretaries of Aranayake, Yatiyantota and Deraniyagala, 80 families were identified as key beneficiaries for the rebuilding initiative.

Cyclone Roanu, which hit Sri Lanka early last year, caused severe flooding and landslides, resulting in more than 200 deaths, and displacing close to 300,000 others. The estimated destruction and damage across Sri Lanka reached 250–280 billion (US$1.7–2 billion) in total, including the loss of homes and livelihoods.

Alwaleed Philanthropies has supported Habitat for Humanity’s work over the past years including the earthquakes in Ecuador, Japan and Nepal and a cyclone in Vanuatu. Alwaleed Philanthropies has come forward to support Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka’s initiative by providing a LKR 80 Million (USD 545,200) grant to construct 80 homes for victims of the landslides. Alwaleed Philanthropies supports emergency and disaster relief and reponse worldwide, regardless of gender, race or religion,of the people affected bt the disaster. It is the philanthropic arm of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz of the Saudi Arabian Royal family.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka and the Government of Sri Lanka’s agents in Aranayake and Yatiyantota was signed in December 2016. Through the Kegalle Housing Project, Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka has pledged to construct 40 houses for the victims of landslides in Kalugala, Aranayake, 23 houses in Illukthenna Estate, Deraniyagala followed by the construction of 17 houses in Yatiyantota. The new houses will be stronger and better prepared for future disasters.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held in January 2017, and in a short span of just six months, the construction of all 80 houses was completed. Upon completion of this project, Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka handed over these completed homes to the beneficiary families in Aranayake, Yatiyantota and Deraniyagala at a celebration to commemorate National Housing Day in Sri Lanka.