Muthurajawela Housing Project
Building Disaster Resilient Communities

Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka completed construction of a 120 square-foot permanent lockable room for 10 families living in Farmwatta, Muthurajawela with the support of donors. The Muthurajawela Housing Project spearheaded by the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka aimed to provide safe, secure and decent housing for 10 of the most vulnerable families living in the Farmwatta.

Farmwatta is home to more than 100 families who have lived in the area for over thirty years. The Muthurajawela community has been plagued by floods for many decades as it is based on marshy land. These beneficiary families had been living in unsafe temporary wooden structures with no solid foundation and with limited protection from adverse weather and intruders.

Using the agency-driven approach, Habitat Sri Lanka built a 120 square foot permanent lockable room (to be utilized as a bedroom or kitchen) together with a toilet, for each of these families. Each family contributed unskilled labour towards the construction of their new home. Completed in May 2017, these 10 families were thankful to Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka that they had a safe place to call home and keep their children safe and healthy during the torrential monsoon season.