Our Housing Solutions

At Habitat for Humanity we don’t just build homes, we build communities. We construct safe, affordable durable homes for families in need across the country, and provide technical expertise on construction and promote the agency of homeowners through Homeowner Driven housing projects. We also believe that providing families with access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities while promoting hygiene education is at the heart of building healthy and resilient communities. We also provide financial literacy and assistance with livelihood development towards ensuring the economic security of Habitat families in the long-term. Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka works to lay the foundations for the future and create change that impacts generations.

House Construction

House ConstructionHFH Sri Lanka builds, rehabilitates and repairs houses with the help of homeowners, skilled personnel, volunteer labor and financial and material donations. A complete house is sized at 550 square feet. With two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen, these houses are large enough for the homeowner family’s needs, but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs affordable. Smaller, “core” houses are also built to allow families to expand their homes incrementally. Houses are constructed using both the homeowner driven approach, where the homeowner drives the construction process with technical support from HFH Sri Lanka, and the agency approach, where construction is driven by HFH Sri Lanka. HFH Sri Lanka also promotes the use of appropriate construction technologies which employ environmentally friendly construction techniques and also strive to train beneficiaries and masons in the use of these technologies as well, investing the long-term sustainability of eco-friendly construction practices.


Water and Sanitation

WASHHFH Sri Lanka helps beneficiaries gain access to clean water, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene through the construction and repair of water and sanitation facilities and the provision of WaSH training in communities. With the generous support of Corporate Donors such as Hatton National Bank, Habitat for Humanity was recently able to provide 50 families in Batticaloa with Water Tanks and over 155 students with access to sanitation facilities.


Disaster Resilience and Response

DisasterTransitional shelters and core houses are provided to people affected by disasters. HFH Sri Lanka’s largest disaster response program involves the construction of homes for the war affected internally displaced people in the Northern and Eastern provinces of the nation. Disaster response housing projects following the Tsunami in 2004 and Cyclone Roanu in 2016 enabled Habitat to construct homes for the most marginalized and vulnerable families in the Southern and Sabragamuwa Provinces affected by natural disasters.


Community Development

Comminity DevelopmentHabitat for Humanity Sri Lanka also believes in the long-term investment in communities. As such since 2001, HFH Sri Lanka has trained over 2,000 households in the use of solar cookers. HFH Sri Lanka has also distributed seedlings of trees such as teak, mahogany, jack and kumbuk to families, at the completion of housing projects in Kegalle, Kalutara, Batticaloa and Matale. Habitat for Humanity together with generous donors has been able to constructed much needed community infrastructure such as Community Centers and Student Libraries.