Udayani, was a mother of 2 when she received a Habitat home back in 2012. Now in 2018, Udayani has 3 beautiful and energetic daughters, and is working hard with her husband to expand their home.  Udayani commented on the impact that their home has had on her children’s lives. They have a safe space to play and live in. Before living in their Habitat home, Udayani and her husband used to face multiple challenges with their previous housing situation. They lived in a home that was a single room, built with wooden planks and tin sheets for a roof. That shelter was not strong enough to keep them safe when the weather would turn for the worst. She recalls how she and her husband would have to carry their babies on the bed because the wooden house would flood with up to 2ft of rainwater.

She is grateful that she and her husband do not have those fears anymore. Their current home gives them safety – and Udayani found it difficult to express her gratitude, and all she could say was “this means a lot to us”.

Her family is currently in the process of expanding their Habitat home by adding 2 more rooms. Udayani’s husband is also working on the construction himself. It is evident, within the last six years, that they have been able to confidently expand their family, and provide their children with adequate space to study and play all in the safety of their own home.