Nilani, a mother of two, tells her story of how Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka changed her family’s life. Prior to being a beneficiary in 2012, Nilani and her family never had a permanent home. They faced many challenges as a result of not having a safe or adequate place to live in together; Nilani recalls how her family had to live separately as a result. Her children lived with her sister, while Nilani and her husband moved from one place to another. They rarely got to see each other since they didn’t live in the same space. To them, their Habitat home is more than a house.  It is a place to call their own, where they can live together as one family. During the construction of their home back in 2012, it was Nilani who took the lead in preparing tea for Volunteers during their Habitat builds. She felt that it was the least she could do in appreciation of the people who were giving her family an opportunity to be under one roof together.

Nilani shares the simple joys she now has the opportunity to have; being with her children every day while cooking them healthy meals and chatting with them about their day after they come home from work. Their family is now together and complete; under the strong roof of their home. Inspired by the new hope in their lives, her daughter (22 years) and her son (26 years) are working hard and saving up to expand their home.