Dulcy Katherine, is a vibrant 90-year old lady considered a pillar of the visually impaired homeowner community in Nayanalokagama Village in Katana. Having lived a full life, Dulcy reflects on the hardships she has faced throughout her life. After many years of yearning for a safe place for her family, she now lives in her new Habitat home with her son Anil; his wife and their two children Kaushalya and Akila.

Her son Anil is filled with joy as he reflects on the way their life has been positively impacted as a result of this new Habitat home. Previously they were never at peace because their house was old and falling apart – the roof was not strong enough to keep the rain away, and the limited space meant that the family members had no privacy. Even after a long hard day of work – Anil felt he could not rest or relax because he was burdened by the lack of safety their previous home offered – especially for his elderly mother who is visually impaired.

To them, the best part of their Habitat experience was working closely with the Global Village Volunteers. Anil is grateful for the volunteers’ kindness and generosity – and he remarks on the priceless value of their hard work during their volunteer trips. Even Anil’s son, Akila gained many fond memories of working alongside the volunteer teams – he felt that they made friendships for life despite coming from very different backgrounds.

Dulcy, all smiles, as she shares with us the story of her journey towards permanence with Habitat.

Katherine and family pictured in front of their new Habitat Home. (2019)

“My prayer has always been to have peace – just like I feel now inside this new warm, comfortable, and cozy Habitat home. We finally have a place to call home”

Dulcy Katherine, 2019

Homes for Hope Project, Nayanalokagama

An image of the unstable roof of Katherine’s previous home. The roof was deemed to be a health hazard and Katherine and her family lived for many years with the risk of the roof collapsing.