Sivarasa is a hardworking man who takes care of not only his wife and 3 children, but also his parents. His father (78) and his mother (72) are excited to see their grandchildren grow up in a home that is theirs as a family, and take pride in the fact that they finally own a home, after being displaced during the years of the civil war.

The 7 of them are a very close and happy family, and Sivarasa’s wife Somasundari is most thankful for the safety that their home gives them all. Despite the impact and fear the civil war had on their life, she remarked how she and her husband persisted, and were grateful when they got the news that they would become homeowners through this project. They worked hard to earn and save to start this new chapter of their lives. She also mentioned how she feels blessed as a mother to know that no matter where her children go in life, they always have a stable place to come back to that is home to all of them.

Sivarasa explains; “this home is a ladder for my children to dream and do things we were not able to when we were their age”.