In November 2018, Gabrielle travelled to Batticaloa, Sri Lanka with her niece Jessie as a part of a Global Village volunteer team from Australia. It was their first time in Sri Lanka and they had both been excited for what the island and the Habitat experience had in store for them.

To Gabrielle and her team, being a Global Village volunteer was one of the most rewarding experiences in their life. It gave them a chance to bond through the action of uplifting lives. Though the harsh heat and humidity in Batticaloa was unforgiving – the mission of their journey motivated them to work hard during their volunteering week – and the team soon became experts in guided concreting of floors.

The children in the community made their week especially rewarding. Seeing them each day brought sunshine into their day. Gabrielle reflects on how this unique experience gave her and her team an everlasting connection to Sri Lanka, a connection of friendship and common purpose.

Gabrielle is also thankful to the team at Habitat Sri Lanka for their support, guidance and friendship and mentions how their team was inspired by Habitat Sri Lanka team’s hard work and dedication.

Connecting with local families and working with them for the week was so fulfilling and heart-warming. Whilst we couldn’t speak their language, we all shared the common language of laughter and friendship.

Gabrielle Chisholm, 2018

Australian Volunteer