Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka

An organization like Habitat would be nothing without the continuous dedication and hard work of volunteers. We want to make volunteering for us not only a hugely rewarding experience for the beneficiaries of your hard work, but also for you-a mission that will live with you throughout your lifetime and help you to inspire others to continue the good work you have done.

The experience of volunteering with Habitat is unique – you are able to get a hands-on experience of building a tangible change for a family. Previous experience with construction is not necessary to become a volunteer. Habitat merely encourages its volunteers to come equipped with a positive attitude and willingness to create positive change while it is made clear that their safety on site is of utmost priority for Habitat. You’ll experience the country like a local, meet people from different communities and cultures. Spending time with other cultures doesn’t mean just exploring the differences, but also discovering the commonalities. You’ll find that you don’t even need to speak the language.

We have created a variety of options that we hope suit all the needs of the huge array of people from around the world, who join the Habitat family. Individuals, corporations, families, societies and students can all be incorporated in a mutually beneficial system, which enables us to get the most out of you and you to get the most out of us. Our whole volunteer program is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to join, so you can spend more time doing what matters- helping to ease poverty in Sri Lanka.